The Place of Art, The Time of Art
Selected Paintings by Van Eghyan


Any location, especially a small village has the chance to appear on the map when something happens there. The event pulls the place out of oblivion and brings it to fame. It is through this prism that nature intertwines with history. To illuminate nature through history or to evolve history spatially means to make both haptically visible. 
Gladzor is known to be such a place. The prominence of the medieval university still compels those interested in Armenian culture to examine the map of Armenia and locate the village. However, the cultural life in Gladzor in particular and VayotsDzor at large, even if pulsates today, its beats are weak and frail. 
In order to restore its force, what is needed is to re-evaluate the creative energy of the regional inhabitants. One of such instances was the contribution of painter and sculptor Van Eghyan in the second half of the twentieth century.