Yukimi Otagiri
The Memory of Honey

Yukimi Otagiri is interested in the problem of nostalgia of femininity in capitalist society. Femininity nostalgia has become a real issue today because it is a side- effect of high- speed modern life when women tend to pursue their careers and leave their “feminine role” at home. 

“I have grown up in Japan which was highly homo-social society during bubble economic boom during the 1980’s. People have dreams of good simple past lives which they can never experience again. As a result, I had a fear to become a mature woman because I didn’t want to sacrifice my life nurturing family members. I moved to New York which is a place where women can gain power. Moving to New York gave me some sense of making a contrast between the fragility of women in traditional families, and the sentimental feelings toward their femininity.

As an artist, I would like to express this experience by taking materials from the consumer culture such as Disney animations and translate them into more simple and primitive techniques of stop-motion animation. I have chosen some scenes of Disney princess to show the phobia of my childhood of being a woman and drawn on notebooks for school children to make it to nostalgic memories.