Reggie Voigtländer - One Day

‘One day…’ can be read as a limited time frame, or as an expectation, a vision, a longing, a goal, set outside a certain time frame, always ahead of you. 

Within this notion, multi-disciplinary artist Reggie Voigtländer, who has been working on themes like identity, borders, power structures and geopolitical aspects in relation to (city) landscape, will present parts of the material and aspects related to the process of her project centring Armenia. She started the project in January 2017, when there was no sign of a revolution. Yet there were lots of ‘impossibilities’ she came across formulating a concept, which she then decided to make part of the project. This led to the idea of creating platforms for participation, in an effort to create ‘free space’ and flexibility, anticipating needs and changes. This idea also reflects in offering a series of digital images in which poignant details regarding Armenian history were worked out, making them available for altering or interaction. They were created during research on Armenian history and the broader region, using deconstruction as a tool and are to be considered as starters or think tanks, rather than (finished) products. 

During her stay, she did several art performances and interactive site-specific interventions in the public space of Yerevan like ‘Freedom Square’ and throughout Armenia using coloured canvases, which were transformed from ‘image material’ into a connecting object. 
The presentation at ICA, consisting of a variety of media, such as video and photography that is used to document, is marked as a moment within the ongoing process. Artists, curators, writers, musicians etc. working in the creation of the field of Armenia are still invited to join the endeavour of realizing a flexible travelling exhibition beyond Armenia, within the context of the theme. If you are interested in joining, this event will be the last occasion to meet. But you can also contact before.