Candy Chang 

Candy Chang, an American artist, thinks that the public life of a person comes out from his inner world. Moreover, those fears and anxieties existing there are the reason for trust and comprehension absence. And this is what brings to the most psychological aggressions (if those remain unexpressed) or social conflicts (if a person is brave enough to express those). In order not to be afraid of being honest and vulnerable in relationships one needs a safe environment. 

Candy Chang is activating many public places of different countries in the world. Through her projects, she creates a situation of friendly communication and empathy, where an individual obtains a possibility to be united with the community. 

Her “Confessions” interactive installation is a similar project. It is aimed to free people from their anxieties, worries and emotions hidden inside. This personal and unnamed environment is the first step of being open to society that can form a more sensitive, understanding and trusting, harmonious society. 
For the participants of the project, obtaining unnamed like-minded people can be transformed into a specific consolation and trust that he is not alone. 

Curator: Lilit Antonyan